KUWAIT CITY: Kuwaiti authorities have dismissed as “rumors” the cancellation of the stay of foreigners living abroad for more than six months, saying no such law has been enacted.

The Kuwaiti Residency Affairs Department clarified that the residency of foreigners residing outside Kuwait will not be revoked and the process of online renewal of residency will continue, to prevent the renewal of residence permits (residency) for those living outside Kuwait. There is no new law in this regard.

The department said that the migrants living abroad will continue to be renewed but for this it is necessary to keep the validity of the passport otherwise the process will not be completed.

According to the relevant agency, rumors are spreading about those living outside Kuwait for more than 6 months, on which the Interior Ministry has said that it is not canceling the stay of those living outside Kuwait for more than 6 months.

It was also stated that most of the people who are outside Kuwait have Article 22 (Family Visa) and most of them are registered under sponsors.

The Kuwaiti Residency Affairs Department further said that even if any kind of law is implemented, it will be given first time.



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