Foreign Relations and ASIEX agree to promote foreign investment in the country

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) and the Dominican Association of Foreign Investment Companies (ASIEX) signed an Inter-institutional Cooperation Agreement in which they pledged to promote and enhance investment in the Dominican Republic, taking advantage of its advantages to promote social development, sustainable economic and cultural

The agreement, signed by Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez and the president of ASIEX, Alejandro Peña Prieto, contemplates jointly carrying out a cooperation program that includes establishing communication channels, providing for forums and actions to attract investment destined for the Republic Dominican. In addition, it establishes the updating of information on international markets, the creation of dialogue tables, meetings between businessmen, participation in events to achieve commercial relations and other aspects.

When signing the agreement, Foreign Minister Álvarez stressed that “the image of the country could not be in a better position currently in the region, when we see what is happening around us, which is not pleasant and I hope it was a different situation, but in the face of political contexts that exist in the Americas today, we should feel very proud of where we have jointly arrived, and this is largely due, exactly, to those public-private alliances and to the sedimentation that has occurred, over time, in the minds of our politicians, private sector, academics and religion that stability must prevail above all else.

The president of ASIEX pointed out that “foreign investment companies that are part of ASIEX have bet and are betting on the country, placing large resources in it and making important contributions, so they are natural ambassadors to speak to the world about the advantages of the Dominican Republic as an investment destination, as well as its beauty and the kindness of its people.

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This is why I would like to thank Foreign Minister Roberto al Álvarez and the entire MIREX team for signing this agreement, which opens up new opportunities for public-private collaboration”.

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The parties also undertook to coordinate actions in favor of the application of the legal and operational order of investments, protected by Law 16-95, relative to foreign investment in the country, and other legislation aimed at promoting the development of investments and reinvestment.

To materialize these projects, the agreement establishes that both institutions design a Biennial Action Plan, no later than January of every two years.

These objectives are part of the foreign policy program outlined by President Luis Abinader with regard to promoting increased exports and foreign direct investment to create more jobs.

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