Foreign Minister of Peru: “If Castillo is not here, it is because he carried out a coup”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, Ana Cecilia Gervasi, assured this Saturday that if former President Pedro Castillo does not participate in the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit it is because "gave a coup".

"Otherwise, you would have a dictator here", Gervasi pointed out in his speech at the plenary session of the Summit, which is being held in Santo Domingo. There Gervasi responded to the president of Colombia, the leftist Gustavo Petro, who criticized Castillo’s preventive imprisonment, which he described as unfair and for ideological reasons. Gervasi recalled that, faced with the frustrated "self hit" of State perpetrated by Castillo on December 7, 2022, "In a few hours, all the democratic institutions of Peru mobilized to restore the constitutional order and strengthen our democracy, in strict adherence to the separation of powers and our Constitution.".

"That is the reality, although some pretend to ignore and distort it."he snapped. NO MENTION OF PROTESTS The Peruvian foreign minister did not mention those who died during the repression of the protests held by various sectors of the population since December, beyond pointing out that the current president, Dina Boluarte, one of those absent at the meeting, promotes a social dialogue "broad and inclusive". Regarding the issues discussed in the session, for the Peruvian Government "there is a marked need to renew the international cooperation system and the modalities of its financing, under a multidimensional, inclusive, comprehensive and sustainable approach".

"This must consider the structural gaps that persist in developing countries and that have been noticeably accentuated after the pandemic", he pointed. STRENGTHENING COOPERATION Gervasi highlighted the preparation of the third action plan for Ibero-American cooperation for the period 2023-2026, a document that he described as very significant for the achievement of the objectives and results of mutual assistance. The minister also appreciated the adoption of a digital bill of rights and the transformation of micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs) towards this new scenario, due to the importance that these companies have for the economies of Latin America.

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"Peru considers it necessary to promote studies on new business models based on the identification of opportunities such as sustainable tourism or gastronomic ventures and the development of support instruments and support content as technical assistance for the digital transformation of MSMEs"he added. FORUM CLAIMS ON MIGRATION Gervasi also referred to Venezuelan migration, of which Peru is the second largest recipient of this mobile population, bringing together 1.5 million migrants from Venezuela in its territory. Thus, the chancellor reiterated the commitment of the Peruvian Executive and advocated creating a regional forum that adopts joint measures for an orderly, regular migration that respects human rights.

"Any regional coordination initiative requires the concurrence of all the countries involved to provide an effective response. Otherwise, it would be a limited response and, therefore, ineffective."Gervasi pointed out.

"The dialogue on migration must be approached from a broad perspective and without exclusions, and with a pragmatic approach free of ideological biases"he concluded.

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