Foreign artists wink at bachata, record it or dance it

In recent times, bachata has captured the attention of foreign artists of international fame, such as Chayanne, Chanel, Abraham Mateo, Manuel Turizo and others who are inclined to record songs in this Dominican genre, while others like William Levy and Vin Diesel become viral dancing it.

Puerto Rican Chayanne has proven to be a fan of bachataA few weeks ago he went viral on social networks for a video where he was caught dancing the bachata “Treacherous” by veteran Luis Segura, while organizing some things in his office.

They caught me dancing bachata. This is how I like to start the weekend, always dancing”, wrote the interpreter of “Things of lovers”.

After this, the Puerto Rican heartthrob once again conquered the hearts of Dominicans by sharing a video through his social networks dancing to the rhythm of “Su veneno”, a bachata from the group Aventura.

“Bachata has lately become one of my favorite genres. Noticeable?”wrote Elmer Figueroa Arce, the singer-songwriter’s first name.

These eventualities aroused the suspicions of the fans, who began to wonder if the artist was working on a bachata. The premise was true. A few days ago Chayanne announced that she will release “Bailando Bachata”, which will be available starting this Thursday the 25th.

“Dancing bachata! This May 25th you will be able to listen to my new song. I already want us to sing and dance together, ”communicated the composer together with the bachata court.

It is remembered that more than a decade ago, Chayanne collaborated with the Dominican bachatero Luis Miguel del Amargue to interpret the version in that rhythm of his ballad “If you are not with me”.

Later in 2015 he released “Bailando dos corazones”, which was also a romantic bachata.


Not only singers have been fans of bachata these days. The actors have also been seduced by its rhythm and have shouted it to the world.

Passionate and singing “The man of your life”, made popular by Joe Verasthe soap opera heartthrob William Levy drove his followers crazy when he shared that topic.

“I know… That I am, I am the man of your life, the man you dreamed of having since you were a child, the one who has known how to wait with your innocent face, wanting to hide what people say to you, managing to hide what people tell you”, the actor sang while he was on board the car.

The video posted on Levy’s Instagram caused the reaction of the bachatero Veras, who commented: “Thank you for that nice gesture with our Dominican music, truly blessings.”

In this way, the star of “Fast and Furious”, Vin Diesel showed his skills dancing bachata and claimed to be “the best bachata dancer in the world”.

During an interview with the communicator Tony Dandrades of the television program “Primer Impacto”, from Univisión, Diesel felt very comfortable, he stood up from his seat and danced for a few seconds and ended by saying: “I am the best bachata dancer in the world.” .

The incidence of bachata has crossed the Atlantic. Spanish singers Chanel Terrero and Abraham Mateo They came together on the song “Clavaíto”, which was well received.

The video on YouTube has 5.2 million views since it was presented three years ago on Chanel’s official channel.

During an interview on the program “Los 40”, Chanel said that “Clavaíto is a very dramatic song”, but it is also super danceable.

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“The community of bachateros and bachateras have accepted it very well”, expressed the Spanish.

For his part, Abraham Mateo had sung bachata. After releasing the song “I want to tell you” with the singer Ana Mena, the Spaniard shared a remix of the song in a bachata version, which delighted his followers.

Another Spaniard who has put her stamp on bachata is Rosalía, who together with the Canadian artist The Weeknd they surprised their fans with the bachata “La fama”, which had an impact above all, because it was the first time that Abel Tesfaye, the first name of an R&B singer, had been heard singing in Spanish and in a genre of Dominican origin.

After the good acceptance that the song had, The Weeknd seemed to fall in love with Spanish, as Rosalía declared that the artist asked her to write a complete album in this language.

“The other day he sent me a message and said: ‘hey, I want you to write me an entire album in Spanish’ and I, my goodness!” Rosalía declared on the Los 40 program.

Alike, rapper and songwriter C. Tangana and the Argentine Nathy Peluso They were seduced by bachata and in 2021 they conquered millions to the rhythm of “Ateo”, with very contagious guitar rhythms.

Although the song generated controversy for referring to a non-believer and for recording the video clip in the Cathedral of Toledo, Spain, it did not prevent it from achieving millions of views on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

In this list we cannot leave the international urban artists who have been inclined to do bachata, as is the case of the Colombian Camilo, who in 2020 together with the Dominican urban exponent El Alfa they created the song “Bebé”, a catchy bachata that became a complete success.

With this, both artists took another step in their careers, since El Alfa would have made himself known all his life for singing dembow.

Manuel Turizo, who is also Colombian, released the song “La Bachata”, in which he demonstrated his versatility for different musical genres.

In an interview with Listín Diario, Turizo indicated that he has always followed Dominican bachateros and described Juan Luis Guerra and the Aventura group as his favorites.

“Since I can remember I’ve been listening to adventure, whether ‘La Boda’ or ‘Hermanita’, that is, for me I was born with adventure in my ears,” said the Colombian.

Without a doubt, Colombians love bachata and Shakira is proof of this. At the end of 2022, she released “Monotonía” in collaboration with the Puerto Rican Ozuna, leaving the audience who heard her singing the Dominican genre open-mouthed.

When the song was announced, the fans imagined that it would be urban music, because Ozuna is a reggaeton singer, but the Colombian decided to innovate and leaned towards bachata.

However, for years the Puerto Rican Ozuna has shown a passion for bachata.

In 2018 he turned his song “El farsante” into a bachata with Romeo Santos, in the same way, he collaborated with the bachatero on the song “Sobredosis”.

Juan Carlos Ozuna, the singer’s real name, also recorded a bachata where the renowned Dominican bachatero Anthony Santos participated, at the end of 2021 both released the song “Señor juez”.

Among other singers who can be mentioned for ever having recorded bachata are: Víctor Manuel, Lautaro Valentín, Maná, Luis Fonsi, Thalía, Tito El Bambino Franco de Vita, Ricardo Montaner, among others.

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