Ford slows North American production due to chip shortage

US automaker Ford will cut production in North America next week due to a shortage of semiconductors, media reported on Saturday.

Ford plans to slow down or temporarily close eight of its factories in the United States, Mexico and Canada, according to several US media. Production will be suspended at the plants in Michigan, Chicago and Cuautitlán (Mexico).

Meanwhile, the pace of production will slow in Kansas City, Dearborn, Kentucky and Louisville. In Oakville, Canada, overtime will be eliminated.

Contacted by AFP this Saturday, the company did not immediately respond.

The shortage of chips, essential components for car manufacturing and manufactured mainly in Asia, has slowed car production considerably since the start of the pandemic.raising prices and explaining an important part of the high inflation that the United States is experiencing.

President Joe Biden has repeatedly said he wants to bring semiconductor production back to the United States, following his predecessor, Donald Trump, in his stance on the trade war with China.

The House of Representatives approved a bill on Friday to localize the manufacture of these electronic chips, which are also essential for the production of smartphones and medical equipment, in the United States.

The bill, the "America COMPETES Act"foresees 52,000 million dollars to revitalize the American semiconductor industry.

The giant Intel announced a week ago the launch by the end of the year of the construction of two factories near the capital of the state of Ohio, Columbus, with the aim of starting chip production from 2025.

The investment, of 20,000 million dollars, was described as "historical" by Biden.

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Ford returned to profit in 2021 and reported net income of $17.9 billion on Thursday, but remains concerned about supply chain issues, it said.

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