Home World ‘Forces that led’ to Capitol ‘still at work,’ Biden says

‘Forces that led’ to Capitol ‘still at work,’ Biden says

'Forces that led' to Capitol 'still at work,' Biden says

“The forces that led to the storming of the Capitol (January 6, 2021) are still at work today,” Joe Biden said on Friday, as a parliamentary inquiry slammed former President Donald Trump for his role in that day that shook America.

“It is important for Americans to understand what really happened, and to understand that the forces that led to the assault on the Capitol are still at work today,” said the American president, traveling to Los Angeles.

“It’s about our democracy. We have to protect our democracy,” Joe Biden said. “I have to admit, I didn’t think it would be such a direct challenge,” he admitted, saying “the battle for America’s soul was far from won.” “We can come together, Democrats and Republicans, to defend anyone from putting a knife to our democracy’s throat,” he said.

“The culmination of an attempted coup”

A parliamentary commission of inquiry, shunned and criticized by the vast majority of the Republican Party, delivered its first conclusions Thursday evening, in a hearing broadcast live by many television channels but not by Fox News. Its members – seven Democrats and two Republicans – considered that the assault on the Capitol had been the “result of an attempted coup”, and asserted that Donald Trump was “at the center of this plot”.

This group of elected officials heard more than 1,000 witnesses including two children of the former president and went through 140,000 documents to shed light on the specific actions and gestures of Donald Trump before, during and after the event.

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