Forced to carry the body of father and daughter on a motorcycle in India

Due to the stubbornness of the hospital administration in India, the poor father was forced to carry his daughter’s body on a motorcycle.

According to Indian media reports, the hospital administration in the state of Madhya Pradesh refused to provide an ambulance, so the helpless father could not arrange a private ambulance due to lack of money and took his daughter’s body home on a motorcycle.

A resident named Laxman Singh said that his 13-year-old daughter died due to illness after which he asked the hospital administration to provide a vehicle to take the body.

The girl’s father said that the hospital management refused saying that the ambulance was not available for areas more than 15 km away.

He said that the hospital administration said that you should arrange the ambulance yourself, because we did not have money, we decided to take the body of the daughter on a motorcycle.

After the details of the incident came out, users are expressing their grief and anger on social media and demanding action against the hospital administration.

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