Home Entertainment “Forbidden love” is the new song by bachatero Yohan Avalo

“Forbidden love” is the new song by bachatero Yohan Avalo

“Amor prohibido” es el nuevo tema del bachatero Yohan Avalo

The Dominican bachatero Yohan Avalo presented his new musical theme “Amor prohibited”, authored and composed by Raldy Vásquez, and produced by Kamaleón Films.

“Forbidden love” is a musical material recorded together with the singer Jarxiel; the theme tells the story of an impossible love, of when a person falls in love with a friend’s partner, and it has immediately penetrated everyone’s taste, causing many to identify themselves.

Yohan Avalo is an artist who is characterized by a style based on versatility, managing to stand out in various genres such as: bachata, merengue, reggaetón; salsa, ballads and more, and his musical bet has already opened in other countries.

Within his varied repertoire that positioned him, it is necessary to mention the following themes: “Mala,“ Si tú supieras ”and“ Fui cowarde ”. They paved the way on their own and gave way to collaborations in “Yohan Avaló Ft Jorvic The Cónsul”, “Little Brother”, Yohan Avalo Ft Uniones liricales- “Come with me”, Yohan Avalo ft real illustrious- without you.

It is available on all digital music and entertainment platforms.


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