Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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For no reason, the condominium’s electricity bill increases by 300%

The inhabitants of the Le Verdi residence, located in Hyères, in the Var, have received very bad news. As related Var-Morning, these co-owners have just received the last invoice from EDF. And the surprise was great, when he noticed an increase in the price of kWh of… 300%. A surge in the price of electricity which represents 60,000 euros for the first three months of the year alone, according to the calculations of the syndic of co-ownership Omnium Services Immobiliers.

And for now, no one has been able to explain the reasons for this untimely increase. “Despite repeated calls to the competent services of EDF to request explanations, several registered letters were sent, but without success”, explains the regional daily the regional director of the syndic.

Out of 150 condominiums under management, Omnium Services Immobiliers has never observed such an increase. The Le Verdi residence is the only one to face such a surge in the price of kWh. The co-owners, still in shock and outraged, were offered a timetable for settling the bill, “but the only response obtained was a fine letter of formal notice to pay within 10 days, under penalty of a power cut, and therefore heating”, adds the trustee, with Var-Matin. Fortunately, the threat has not yet been carried out.

The syndic of co-ownership, for its part, has already approached the national energy mediator. Pending a solution to the problem, the contract between the Le Verdi residence and EDF has been terminated.


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