For Erdogan, the West is making the crisis in Ukraine “worse”

He does not mince his words. The Turkish president has shot down Westerners who, according to him, have brought “no help in resolving the conflict” between Russia and Ukraine. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who offered to mediate in the crisis, accused the West on Friday of “making things worse” between Moscow and Kiev.

I say it openly, unfortunately the West has so far provided no assistance in resolving the conflict. They only made things worse,” the Turkish president told CNN Türk on the plane returning from Kiev.

“There is no leader” in Europe

The strongman from Ankara judged the role of US President Joe Biden harshly, saying that “Biden has so far been unable to show a positive approach in this process”.

For Erdogan, only the previous German Chancellor, Angela “Merkel could have really held the solution. But apart from her, there is no leader at the moment. No need to name the others,” he added.

A “positive” response from Putin

On a visit to Kiev on Thursday with his Ukrainian ally, President Volodymyr Zelensky, Mr. Erdogan renewed his invitation to host “bilateral talks” in Turkey between Moscow and Kiev and insisted on “the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Crimea”.

He assured that he had received “a positive response from (Vladimir) Putin” to his invitation to visit Turkey. “Putin has agreed to a visit upon his return from China. We have to set a date,” he said. Vladimir Putin was in Beijing on Friday to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games alongside Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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