For Carola Hernández, nothing beats being a mother

Winning a decisive match of a final series, being part of the national team or a medalist in international competitions are an important part of the profile of a high-performance athlete.

In the case of Carola Hernández, no prize, achievement or feeling surpasses that of being a mother.

“I am a better person since I became a mother,” says the basketball player who has been a member of the national team since 2008.

She says that after the arrival of Wildalis Victoria almost nine years ago, now it is she – her girl – who occupies most of her thoughts, her actions on the pitch and her purpose in life.

“After her birth I have become a more mature woman since you have to dedicate time to both sport and my daughter,” she added.

A major sacrifice that she has had to make during her life is not being able to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, which this year will coincide with Mother’s Day in the country.

“It is difficult to get away from what one most wants to be focused on basketball,” said the player who since 2008 has been part of the Dominican national team, in addition to seeing action in the top tournament of the National District and in the National League. Women’s Basketball.

It is just a sample of what athlete mothers have to sacrifice to gallantly represent the country.

“When international competitions are presented, I leave her in charge of my mother, mainly, since you always have to be on top of her, especially with what has to do with school,” adds Hernández.

However, recently she has had an experience that has filled her with happiness.

“A few weeks ago, Wildalis told me that her math teacher had told her that she had a mother who is a superstar, who knows how to play a lot of basketball and who is someone very important to the country,” he added.

After hearing these words from his son, Hernández thought he was “flying among the clouds.”

Hernández was part of the quartet that won the bronze medal at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru in 3X3 basketball.

She was one of two girls who at the age of 13 began to practice basketball with the boys at the Rafael Leónidas Solano club in the Guachupita sector. She in the National Basketball League she has played with the Eagles and the Walls of San Lázaro. With the latter, she has been proclaimed champion twice. In 2021 she was champion with the lazareñas in the district superior. In the final series she was awarded as the Most Valuable Player.

With the senior team, he participated in the 2015 FibaAmericas tournament in Edmonton, Canada, the 2017 Bolivarian Games in Santa Marte, Colombia (silver medal), the 2019 FibaAmericup in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the Pre-Olympic of that last year in Edmonton.

She was the second best scorer of the team in that pre-Olympic (10.7 pp), as in FibaAméricas with 8.8 points while scoring 82 percent of her free throws.

In the youth categories, he won bronze in the 2009 Centrobasket Sub16 and in the 2011 Centrobasket Sub17 and participated in the FibaAméricas Sub16 in 2009 and in the Sub18 in 2012.

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