For a more united Lidom in marketing

Concurrently, during the season of the Dominican Professional Baseball League (Lidom) that takes place between October and January, caps and flags of the six teams begin to be seen in large numbers throughout the country and even in the vicinity of the stadiums. however most of these products are reproduced and sold without a license.

“Up there in front of the Quisqueya Stadium they stop to sell caps and flags and all that and I don’t remember that we (the Chosen One) have sent or authorized that… as far as I know the Chosen One’s material is sold or in the store inside of the Stadium or in the Lidom Shop branches”, said José Miguel Bonetti, member of the Board of Directors of the Leones del Escogido.

Bonetti indicated that the same thing that happens with caps and flags happens with the logos of each of the teams and that this practice is done without “any type of consequence.”

“They are things that are falsified, they are things that a guy does and we send him lawyers but they are already on the street, we are making efforts but in the end a joint effort is needed for that,” said Bonetti, when interviewed in the sports cafe of the Listín Diario.

“commercially united”
For the executive, who joined the league in 2009, piracy is just one of the problems that Lidom presents to follow its evolution is to establish a better “strategy” to sell the product that he believes is “unique.”

“We need to be more commercially united, I think that when you sit at the league table, there are many who do share many opinions and the same ideas as me, and there are others who have individual ideas in the sense of that we have a product that is an exceptional product, a product that they want to see in all parts of the world, we have a product with a fan base, an exceptional public”, stated Bonetti.

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He himself pointed out that one of the main disagreements occurs when deciding which streaming platform to use to broadcast the matches.

“While some of us are with MLB TV, others understand that the best option is YouTube and I don’t know of any league in the world that has the rights to watch it for free, so we must organize ourselves in that part,” the executive explained.

Prior to the start of Lidom’s 2021-22 campaign, the league’s agreement was made official with MLB.TV, Major League Baseball’s official platform for the transmission of games via streaming, to serve as a home for fans via the web and from anywhere in the world can access the matches. The package, which was ratified last season, was purchased for $24.99 as an additional promotion within the cost of watching the postseason.

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