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Football Medina Cantalejo out of the CTA due to the VAR scandals Mairenis Gomez – January 24, 2024 – 1:28 p.m

The VAR crisis in Spain puts Luis Medina Cantalejo's continuity as head of the Technical Referee Committee at risk

Luis Medina Cantalejo, current president of the RFEF's Technical Referees Committee (CTA), finds himself in a delicate position when it comes to VAR decisions. The recent refereeing crisis, exacerbated by the leak of a VAR audio recording in the Real Madrid-Almería match, has increased criticism of his government.

This situation, aggravated by the controversy surrounding the Negreira case and his association with Luis Rubiales, has generated a growing consensus about the need for a change in the leadership of the CTA. Medina Cantalejo's ability to maintain his position largely depends on the continuity of Pedro Rocha.

Medina Cantalejo VAR
But even this possibility is being called into question given current circumstances and growing discontent within the Federation.

Internal divisions and possible new leadership

The atmosphere within the refereeing community reflects significant division and the possibility of a change in leadership. Mateu Lahoz, a former international referee, is considered a possible candidate to lead the CTA, which indicates the seriousness of the current situation. Your consideration for the position demonstrates a clear desire for change and a response to internal dissatisfaction.

The possibility of Lahoz or other candidates taking on key roles suggests an impending change of direction in Spanish refereeing. This movement represents a direct response to the challengesand criticism faced by the CTA under the leadership of Medina Cantalejo. With association elections approaching, the stage is set for a potentially significant change in the leadership and politics of Spanish refereeing.

Challenges and decisions on the horizon for the CTA

The next elections in the RFEF will be crucial for the future of the CTA. With multiple figures considering running for office, competition for the presidency is expected to be intense. The whereabouts of Medina Cantalejo and his team are questionableand widespread dissatisfaction could lead to a radical change of direction in Spanish arbitration.

Criticism from influential figures in Spanish football is increasing pressure to reform the refereeing system. These elections will determine whether the status quo is maintained or whether a new approach is adopted for the future of the territory and administration of arbitration in Spain.

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