Football Mateu Lahoz’s devastating revelation about VAR in LaLiga Mairenis Gómez – December 24, 2023 – 4:00 p.m

Mateu Lahoz, the renowned football referee, has brought to light a significant controversy in the world of refereeing: the existence of a “fridge” policy for referees who defy VAR instructions

This revelation made in “El Partidazo de la Cope” has a… intense debate about integrity and autonomy in LaLiga refereeing.

The dilemma between referees and VSA: The pressure to follow instructions

Referees are at a crossroads when it comes to following VAR recommendations. According to Lahoz, up to seven referees have been temporarily recalled Do not follow these instructions. This decision not only represents a pause in their careers, but also significant economic implications. considering that a referee can earn around 4,200 euros per game.

Between integrity and economic loss

The situation presents the referees with an ethical dilemma: stay true to their criteria or follow the VAR’s instructions. Controversial decisions, such as awarding a questionable penalty or disallowing a goal, can lead to a referee being put in the fridge and thus suffering a significant financial loss.

Mateu Lahoz is coping
Shocking revelations

The statements of Estrada Fernández and the secret room cause mystery and controversy

Estrada Fernández’s recent statements about a “secret room” giving instructions to the VOR room add a layer of mystery and controversy. This suggests a possible hidden influence on arbitration decisions and raises questions about the transparency and fairness of the process.

Implications for the Future of Arbitration: Autonomy and Justice at Stake

The debate about VAR and referee autonomy is fundamental to the perception of justice in football. The reliance on VSA and the controlling practices of referees could have a negative impact on the credibility and fairness of the sport.

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The role of technology in football

The VAR controversy and the Lahoz revelations show that the debate about technology in football is far from over. It is crucial to find a balance between technical support and referee autonomy to preserve the essence of the game.

A moment of change for refereeing in LaLiga

The situation described by Mateu Lahoz represents a critical moment for refereeing in LaLiga. It is important to address this issue to ensure that on-field decisions are fair, transparent and free from external influences. The integrity of football depends on trust in its referees and the systems that support them. It is therefore important that steps are taken to restore that trust and ensure fairness in sport.

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