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Football: Lille coach is robbed of several thousand euros of jewelry in his hotel

Football: Lille coach is robbed of several thousand euros of jewelry in his hotel

Life in a hotel is not always a sign of security. Paulo Fonseca, the Portuguese coach, passed by the clubs of Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) or Roma (Italy) and now in Lille, learned it at his expense on August 8, says The voice of the North. Installed in the Mercure hotel in the northern city, “the time to find a house” with his wife who had to flee Ukraine, the couple had the very bad surprise of having their room robbed. In total, more than 200,000 euros of luxury jewelry have evaporated in nature: Rolex watches, a Cartier creation or even a Bulgari ring.

Investigators will not take long to go back to the author of the theft. The man, well known to the police, with no less than 36 entries on his criminal record, stayed one night at the Mercure at the end of July. That’s probably where he spotted his prey, telling himself that the trainer certainly had little treasures to hide. The forties appears on the CCTV images of the hotel on August 8 in question. This is the day when the couple’s jewelry will disappear.



35 rooms visited

Investigators discover that the individual’s room card had been used in late July in an attempt to open other rooms. Subsequently, he probably stole a pass in the four-star locker room since 16 rooms will be “visited” on July 27, and 19 others on August 8, according to La Voix du Nord. While going to search his home in the Paris region, the police discover 10,000 euros in cash, while the thief throws the rest of the loot out the window… However, among the jewels found, a piece is missing: the famous Bulgari Serpenti ring Viper in 18k white gold with pavé diamond. Estimated value: 15,500 euros.

Judged in immediate appearance, the man admits having been at the hotel that day, but having found a bag with the jewels “on a cleaning cart” and having taken it. To which the president of the court replies that it remains a theft! What did he do with the untraceable ring? Did he have a gambling debt, he, the casino lover? Or did he resell it, hence the 10,000 euros found at home? Mystery. The individual was finally sentenced to thirty months in prison, six of which were suspended on probation.


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