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Football Carlos Herrera prepares the offensive to lead the RFEF Mairenis Gomez – January 26, 2024 – 2:06 p.m

Carlos Herrera confirms his candidacy for the RFEF, as he previously confirmed

The well-known journalist Carlos Herrera has confirmed his intention to run for president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). At an event in Malaga, Herrera, a football fan, shared his desire to lead the RFEF, a decision that was initially made halfway between jocularity and seriousness. After announcing his candidacy received multiple calls and supportive messageswhich encouraged him to take this new challenge seriously.

In his speech, Herrera referred to Luis Rubiales, former president of the RFEF, as his “predecessor.” This suggests that it faces a major challengeAnd. Although he recognizes from the outside the difficulties of “conquering the minaret of a castle,” he feels supported by “many friends everywhere.” Herrera's director at Cope He insists he will not give up his radio responsibilities and will complement them with his passion for football.

Carlos Herrera RFEF
Although Herrera is aware of how difficult it is to win on a field outside of football, he is determined: “I'll try, it's worth it.”

Herrera's vision for managing the RFEF and Rubiales

Carlos Herrera did not hesitate to comment on the previous leadership of the RFEF, referring in particular to the incident between Luis Rubiales and the soccer player Jenni Hermoso. He criticized Rubiales' “inappropriate behavior” but made it clear that he doesn't think he deserves a prison sentence. For Herrera, this episode reflects the need for “emotional intelligence” in the association’s leadership.

The journalist also discussed the political benefits of the case, and criticized what he sees as an “absurd lynching” of Rubiales. Although he criticizes Rubiales' actions, Herrera seems more concerned about the expansion of the incident and its political utility. Carlos Herrera appears as a candidate ready to face challenges and bring a new perspective to the RFEF.

The RFEF election panorama and the 2024 elections

So far, Carlos Herrera is the only one who has publicly announced his intention to run for the RFEF elections. However, other names are also being considered as possible candidates, including former referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz, former Barcelona coach Mateu Alemany and other presidents of territorial associations.

The elections are expected in the first quarter of 2024, with several key players in Spanish football considering putting forward their candidacies. The race for the presidency of the RFEF promises to be interestingwith Carlos Herrera adding a unique element to the competition.

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