Food waste loses around 11 million m3 of water per day in Spain

7.9 million tons of fruit and vegetables are wasted per year in our country, that is, 45% of national production. Thus, after the celebration of the International Water Day (March 22), Bene Bono, startup that saves organic and imperfect fruits and vegetables, estimates that, taking these figures into account, around 11 million m3 of water per day, only in Spain.

Furthermore, this startup, which fight against food wastehas analyzed the main figures of this problem in Spain, as well as its relationship with water waste, an increasingly relevant situation in Spain due to frequent droughts.

According to the latest report of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge in Spain agriculture represents about 60% of water consumption in the country. For this reason, together with factors such as the lack of adequate infrastructure for the storage and distribution of water, the inefficient use or poor maintenance of irrigation systems or the lack of awareness of responsible consumption, the waste of vegetables and fruits is one of the the keys to save water resources.

Therefore, reducing food waste in Spain is vital, not only to reduce the amount of products that go to waste, but also to conserve water and protect the environment. In this sense, from Bene Bono, they indicate that “Individual and collective efforts are needed to address the problem of food waste and create a culture of responsible and sustainable consumption. Including the planning of food purchases, the proper preservation of food at home, the proper management of organic waste and the promotion of sustainable practices in the production and distribution of food”.

7,500 m3 of water saved in just one month of activity

Initiatives against food waste, such as Bene Bono, help to alleviate an increasingly serious problem in Spain. In this way, Bene Bono works to reduce the environmental impact of food waste by directly tackling the origin of the problem: helping local producers to reduce wasted production by reducing their carbon footprint and saving the liters of water derived from production.

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In just 1 month since it began operating in Spain, Bene Bono has saved 7,500 m3 of water, saving 15 tons of organic fruits and vegetables, 100% produced in Spain by producers from different regions: Lleida, Valencia, Cuenca, Seville, Segovia or the Canary Islands, among others.

Our commitment to the environment is the axis of our activity. We save organic, quality and 100% Spanish fruits and vegetables with one objective: to reduce food waste and benefit producers and consumers. It is important to take measures to reduce the waste of water in Spain and promote the sustainable management of water resources. This implies, both individually and collectively, from the responsible use of water at home to the implementation of effective public policies to improve water management in the country.

Sven Ripoche, co-founder of Bene Bono.

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