Food: the secrets of mozzarella, the new favorite cheese of the French

Mozzarella has overtaken Camembert when it comes to sales in France. Why so much success? Report in Italy.

Mozzarella is now the new favorite cheese of the French. 29,000 tonnes of Norman cheese were sold in 2021 in France, compared to 33,000 tonnes of mozzarella. The word comes from “mozzature”, the preparation of curdled milk in small balls. This forming is mainly made from cow’s milk, and precise rules of animal welfare are part of the obligations to obtain the controlled designation of origin.

The cash cow is a bit like a great lady. If you do her niceties, she gives you back twice“, says a producer. Mozzarella can also be made from domestic buffalo milk, a species very common in the region of Naples (Italy). It is then mozzarella” di Bufala “, which costs a little more The animals are pampered, and some farms even have automatic massage brushes, this cheese must be eaten quickly to remain smooth.

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