Food is my life, I live to eat – Parineeti Chopra

Just sir, once in front of this actress, just joking about food, after that, this food topic will stop only when she doesn’t eat anything good and a dish of her choice. Actually, there is talk here that the beautiful actress Parineeti Chopra is even more beautiful than the hot and sexy fairies of Bollywood. Ella Parineeti says that she doesn’t mind fat. She is a foodie and food is her weakness.

Parineeti, who made a blast in Bollywood with the movie Ishaqzaade, said in an interview that hardly anyone in her life would not know how enthusiastic she is. She says that she is very enthusiastic. Food is her life, she is very passionate about food. Pari said that whenever she goes to the restaurant with her friends, she orders food there because she knows herself about food, plus she also knows all of her friends well. So far, her test has never been bad when it comes to food. Every time Ella Parineeti eats something new, she eats it with great interest. Parineeti’s kitchen also remains completely empty because she often orders food from outside.

Parineeti does one thing better than being everyone’s favorite ‘Maggie’. Pari said that she has definitely cooked a lot during college. But she never used to cook with her heart. Because they find it boring to cook any dish for half an hour first and then wait and eat. They simply feel that a plate must pass in front of them quickly and they must eat it with their tail. Yeah, she definitely does Maggi well. Because what it becomes in just 2 minutes.

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Pari says that she can’t eat the same dish every day, so she tries a new one every day. Parineeti doesn’t cook at all, but she watches cooking shows as an art.

The favorite dish of this is what most of the current generation likes, that is everyone’s favorite pizza. Be it any pizza, basically cheese and bread, margarita. He also loves toast and cheese. She said that if she has a child of her choice and she wants to give him a plate of dates, she will also give him pizza.

People who are foodies often like sweets too. Parineeti likes to eat chocolates in sweets. Her favorite chocolate is Crunchy, which is only available in England. Apart from this, Parineeti also like to eat silver fuzz and dark chocolate. Apart from this, Pari likes a special sweet dish made by her mother’s hands. There is a cookie pudding made by her mother’s hand, which Pari likes a lot.

Food, travel and singing are her favorite things. Parineeti also likes chaat, tikki, and pav bhaji, but whenever she feels like eating vada-pav, she rushes to a store outside Mithibai College, where she likes vada-pav.

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