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FNAF: All of the live-action film animatronics

Five nights at Freddy’s Based on the video game of the same name, it revolves around the murderous animatronic mascots of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Fnaf features a well-equipped cast with Josh Hutcherson, Matthew Lillard, Maria Stuart Masterson, Kat Conner Sterling And Elizabeth Lail.

All the animatronics in Blumhouse’s FNAF film

In the story of Five nights at Freddy’sIt has been revealed that all the animatronics in the pizzeria are obsessed with the missing children who were kidnapped and murdered by the shop owner. Wilhelm Afton. Here are those who will appear in the film:

1. Freddie Fazbear

The film would not be complete without its main antagonist, Freddy Fazbear’s pizza mascot and leader of the killing machines. In the game, a child named Gabriel owns Freddy.

2. bonny

Bonnie the rabbit is a blue animatronic and guitarist for the Pizzeria Band.

In the game, Bonnie is also a murderous animatronic, much like Freddy and his henchmen. The trailer also reveals that the killer rabbit is up to mischief in the facility.

It is the soul of a child named Jeremy that Bonnie possesses

3. foxy

Foxy the fox Pirate is an animatronic who only has what appears to be a yellow eye. The character’s murder weapon is a hook.

foxy is obsessed with a kid named Fritz.

4. Chica

Chica is a chicken animatronic. A real killing machine. Chica also wears a large bib that reads “Let’s Eat!!!”. (Let’s eat), which would cause its victim to squirm in fear.

Chica is the only female character in Freddy’s group, she is possessed by a child named Susie.

5. Cupcake

THE Cupcakealso known as Mr. Cupcake, is an animatronic cupcake that Chica is holding in her left hand. The figure has pink icing, yellow eyes and a pair of teeth.

Mr. Cupcake is the first cupcake animatronic introduced in the video game, and he usually scares players by jumping.

6. spring trap

spring trapformerly known as Spring Bonnie, is the main villain of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3.

This animatronic is unique in that it is possessed William Afton, the one who kidnapped and murdered the missing children, the owner of the pizzeria.

For the film, it’s possible that William will ultimately be murdered and his soul transferred to Springtrap to play the role of the final antagonist.

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