FMLN celebration, but without Ortega

Militants of the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) commemorated this Sunday with a march the 44th anniversary of the “tactical withdrawal”, a walk carried out in 1979 by thousands of residents of Managua towards the city of Masaya to escape the dictator’s National Guard Anastasio Somoza Debayle, returning then united to the capital.

The Sandinistas toured the streets of Managua to commemorate that historic feat, which, according to the FSLN, marked the definitive course for the fall of Somoza Debayle and the triumph of the revolution.

The tactical withdrawal was a political-military maneuver carried out by the Sandinistas, which allowed them to unite in Masaya and then all advance towards the capital until they achieved the armed victory of July 19, 1979 over Somoza’s National Guard.

The great absentee

Notably absent from yesterday’s walk, Sunday, was the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, who used to tour the reissue of the tactical withdrawal on foot, and in recent years on board buses or in a caravan of vehicles.

The Nicaraguan government did not offer any explanation for the absence of Ortega, 77, and also secretary general of the FSLN.

The march had the motto “we walk for peace” and in it the Sandinista sympathizers expressed their support for the projects promoted by the Ortega government.

Followers made the journey on foot or in vehicles.

The celebration of the withdrawal commemorates a tactical action that began on June 27, 1979 when half of Nicaragua was in full popular insurrection and the guerrillas who coordinated the masses in Managua had to withdraw accompanied by some 5,000 civilians due to the impossibility of overthrowing at that time. to Anastasio Somoza Debayle.

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The FSLN commanders made the decision to move their troops to Masaya to protect the lives of combatants and civilians, and from there take the final push that would take them to power.

Since 1980 the FSLN decided to commemorate this military action in which close to a hundred people died.

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