Home World Flu: the advanced vaccination campaign to prevent “co-infection” with Covid-19

Flu: the advanced vaccination campaign to prevent “co-infection” with Covid-19

Flu: the advanced vaccination campaign to prevent “co-infection” with Covid-19

This year, the flu vaccination campaign will finally be four days early. Originally supposed to start on the 26th, it was brought forward to October 22nd, or even to 18th for some audiences. The General Directorate of Health (DGS) invokes the health crisis to justify this decision.

In a press release published on Monday, October 18, the authority explains that the “co-circulation of the Covid-19 and influenza viruses” increases “the risk of co-infection and the development of serious forms and death”.

“In order to encourage synergy between the two vaccination campaigns, and not lose any opportunity to vaccinate the most vulnerable people against influenza and Covid-19, health professionals will be able to edit vaccination vouchers, issue, and administer the flu vaccine to people targeted by the recommendations as of October 22, ”writes the Directorate General of Health.

In nursing homes, the first injections could even be administered as of Monday, October 18 “to allow joint vaccination sessions against influenza and against Covid-19”. The DGS emphasizes that the two serums can be injected “on the same day” without risk, but not in the same arm. She relies on this point on the opinion of the High Authority of Health and adds: “the co-administration of several vaccines is not dangerous for the immune system and does not compromise their effectiveness”.

After October 22, in the first weeks of the campaign, the flu vaccine will be offered as a priority “to people targeted by the vaccine recommendations”. Subsequently, “this prioritization can be adapted”, “according to the dynamics of the campaign and the first estimates of vaccination coverage”.

This year, three different influenza vaccines will be available. The DGS specifies that there will be no “State stock” but 17% of “additional doses” can nevertheless “be ordered directly by pharmacists in pharmacies according to the usual circuit set up by pharmacies”.

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