Home Sports Flowers between Bagnaia and Quartararo before the last battle

Flowers between Bagnaia and Quartararo before the last battle

Flowers between Bagnaia and Quartararo before the last battle

Those who are disappointed good rollism reigning in the current MotoGP grid, better refrain from reading the following lines with the statements of Francesco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartararo on the eve of the battle with which the 2022 season is closed. The distribution of flowers between the two at the official press conference with which the Valencia GP started, reduced to the two of them, with the MotoGP trophy between stockings and the hashtag #TheDecider (#TheDecision), It would have been unthinkable in Rossi’s time against whoever it was, or Lorenzo or Stoner or many others. However, he did get the impression that, although the 23 points he has Pecco at the head of the general should give him the title this Sunday, neither of them takes anything for granted yet…

The result that The devil you need to be champion, win and that that of Ducati add a maximum of the point of the fifteenth, that something that has already been seen twice this season, and he smiles when reminded: “Do I believe in miracles? I believe in myself. We will see the miracles, but the most important thing is to do the best you can. In the end, I have my objective, which is very clear, and that is to win. We will see what the others do, but winning is the most important thing. The miracle I need has happened before, but I don’t want to wish Pecco anything bad. This is a mechanical sport and anything can happen. with which it is important to believe in oneself and on many occasions”.

When asked if the Italian arrives in Valencia more relaxed after the victory in Sepang, he was sincere in saying “the truth is that I don’t. We have to keep pushing the same, but be smart because we are in a better position than Fabio, But we have to finish it off.” In his favour, he already won the Ricardo Tormo last year, and he has it in mind: “I’m very good at this circuit and the bike is very competitive, but we already know that MotoGP is a box of surprises and many things can happen.

What has catapulted Bagnaia to this privileged position is a huge comeback that made him recover, after his fall in Germany, 91 points from Quartararo and score 23 more. He has it very present: “This year I have had many ups and downs in the first half of the season.. I made mistakes with falls. It was competitive, but I fell. I began to understand why I fell and from there I took a step forward. In Japan I was ambitious and fortunately there I didn’t shoot Fabio. In recent races I have been very competitive and in Malaysia I knew that the main objective was to win to arrive with the highest number of points here”.

Pecco will have this weekend the support of Valentino Rossi, who will finally be seen in a GP. “It is a fantastic thing that he is here and he can be a great help to me. He knows this situation perfectly, He knows how I feel and will help me from the track as if he were a coach”, He assured before talking about Quartararo: “I would tell him to enjoy this race to have a fair race and that he is one of the greatest.

The one from Duati knows his rival perfectly and thus remembers their first World Cup clashes: “The first time was in 2015, in Moto3, in Qatar. It was his first World Championship race and my first chance to be on the podium. We reached the last lap second and third, and we got to touch. None finished on the podium. Afterwards, every time we fought in the small categories we always touched each other”.

And regarding what Fabio’s strong point would he like to have, he replied: “I think Fabio is one of the best brakers and then he also has great mental strength, as seen in Malaysia or earlier in Austria. He is still in contention for the championship even though his bike is inferior to the Ducati. It was easy to lose faith in the title and he has kept it up to get here. His mental strength is very great”.

Returning to Fabio, he emphasizes his strategy: “I can only win the race and I have nothing to lose. I will try to give my best and although I know that it is not the ideal situation to win the championship, it is a good situation to face a race. Whatever happens, it will be a good year in which we have learned many things”.

His year sums it up like this: “Before the season started we had bad news about the bike because after asking for more engine, it didn’t arrive. So I didn’t have a good start to the season, because I was complaining a lot and I wasn’t completely focused. I had a good first part of the season, and the second part was not bad, but several drivers stepped up and we were stuck. Also, we made some mistakes, but generally speaking you learn when you have a difficult season like this. We gathered a lot of experience that will serve us for the future.”

He pays Bagnaia a compliment: “We always talk about how strong the Ducati is but he is the one who is always there. We are going to fight the last great battle of 2022″. And if he remembered the first time he faced Pecco in the World Cup, he doesn’t forget it either: “We’ve known each other for many years, but he was always one category above me. My first race in the World Championship, in Qatar, I was going like crazy. And then in Moto2, he was much faster than me. This year, after Silverstone and although Aleix was much closer, it was clear that Pecco was going super fast on the Ducati and that he would be the man to beat. I like his speed in general, which he has carried all season and makes it look easy. It has incredible potential because you see it on TV and it seems to go much slower. So that ability to always go fast and that talent is what I would like to have from him.”

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