Flour industrialists call to investigate shortages

Escasez de harina de trigo preocupa a industriales de este sector

The Union of Small and Medium Flour Industrialists (Umpih) expressed this Wednesday the sector’s concern about the situation of shortages of wheat flour in the Dominican Republic.

During a press conference they said that there was a new increase in the price of flour between a 20% and 25% for small bakeries that buy through distributors and warehouses.

Under this scenario, they narrated that the cost is around RD$1,600 and RD$2,700 the sack, and to this they added the increase in the cost of other raw materials, inputs, fuels, electricity and salaries.

"For our sector it is impossible to assume within its costs this new increase in flours, added to the high costs of other raw materials and supplies."assured the members of Umpih.

The flour industrial MSMEs affirmed that in addition to the increase in the prices of the different wheat flours, there is a shortage of the cereal in the market and they attributed it to the closure of a mill in Haiti, where according to information the flour consumed in that territory It is imported from the country.

"We call on the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, and the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Victor BisonĂ³, to investigate the situation of the shortage of flour"said Issachart Burgos as president of the Umpih council.

They also requested that the situation of how the Haitian market has Dominican flour be clarified while Dominican bakeries live in uncertainty due to the lack of security in the supply of such a vital raw material for the industry and Dominicans


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