‘Florona’ arrived amid the devastation caused by Corona, the first case found in Israel

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‘Florona’ arrived amid the devastation caused by Corona, the first case found in Israel


  • First Florna Case Found in Israel Amid Corona Rise
  • Double corona and influenza infection found in a woman who came to give birth to a child
  • Flora infection can also be found in other patients.

Florona Disease in Israel: While there is a danger of the third corona wave in India, the fourth wave continues in many countries around the world. In such a situation, another new disease, Florona has struck, which has caused a stir. The world has not yet recovered from the corona epidemic that a new disease ‘Florona’ has struck in Israel. The Omicron variant of the corona virus is wreaking havoc around the world, while ‘Florona’ has raised concern around the world.

The first case of ‘Florona’ disease has been reported due to the double infection of corona and influenza virus. This has been revealed by the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot. According to the Israeli newspaper, the first case of double infection ‘Florona’ has been registered in a pregnant woman who arrived this week to give birth to the Rabin Medical Center.

The ‘Florona’ case has shocked Israel’s health officials. Currently, the Ministry of Health is closely investigating the matter. At the same time, doctors at the hospital have said that the woman who has fluorone is not vaccinated. But doctors have said that his condition is stable, but this is a lesson that people should get vaccinated. Let us tell you that so far no statement has come from health experts regarding ‘Florona’ disease.

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However, the Israeli Ministry of Health is currently studying the first case of ‘Florona’. It is not yet clear whether the combination of the two viruses can cause a more serious illness. Health officials speculate that ‘Florona’ may also be present in other patients, which did not appear due to a lack of research. Let us tell you that Israel is the first and only country in the world where 2 booster doses are applied to protect against the crown.

Fourth booster dose given in Israel

The fourth booster dose against Corona was allowed in Israel on Friday. It will apply to the population with weak immunity. According to Israeli media, the third booster dose of Corona’s vaccine was administered here 4 months ago. However, now that Omicron cases are increasing rapidly, the government here has allowed the fourth booster dose to the population with weak immunity. Nachman Aish, director general of Israel’s Ministry of Health, also approved the vaccine early Friday for older patients in geriatric facilities. Corona cases are increasing rapidly again in Israel. So far 1,380,053 cases of corona have been reported in Israel, so far more than 8 thousand people have lost their lives in the epidemic. At the same time, 1,349,030 people have been cured, here there are still more than 22 thousand active cases.


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