Flores revives Peru

Edison Flores is the Peruvian team. If there is a symbol of the rebirth of Peru after decades on canvas, it is the ‘Oreja’. When it seems impossible when everything is already epic and the court tilts the other way, he always appears. He did it in Barranquilla, in Quito and he did it again in Lima. Edison rescued the selection. It doesn’t matter when you read this sentence.

Peru was knocked out in the first minute of the game and it seemed that he would not get up. Since before the game, with the unfortunate absences of Cave -the brain- and Lapadula -the heart- the team already started with a certain disadvantage against a solid and solid team. Ecuador is one of the most serious teams on the continent and, against a bewildered rival, it hardly struggled.

Estrada woke up early to the defense, to the goalkeeper, at 40 thousand of the National -70% capacity, a salute to the flag- and to an entire country whose illusion lasted as long as a sneeze. A goal as fast as unexpected that found no reaction in a team that planned a patient match and ended up drowning in its own despair, which quickly turned into uneasiness.

The shirt weighed on Ormenocost the frenetic pace of the Ecuadorians to Raziel, and they turned rusty again Yotun Y Pain. In this scenario, Peru became predictablewore apatheticgot entangled with his own need to trace the result. Ecuador, settled, physically superior and relaxed, was in his comfort zone.

Flowers for Edison

Gareca understood that the low mobility of Ormeno and the apathy of Raziel they were costing the team a lot, so he decided to place Carrillo as false nine already such Edison Flores down the left flankin which he lives like a fish in water when he turns white and red.

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Peru continued to suffer, until it found oil in the aridity proposed by Ecuador. Valerawho had entered to return an area reference to the selection, fought a ball as if it were his last, AdvĂ­ncula left it, who put a measured center on Flores. As if in slow motion, with the world stopped and silent, Edison nodded against the floor and unleashed the tremor in the Nacional.

Emboldened by the draw, the red-and-white finally settled on the field and, although she wasn’t close to scoring the second, she wasn’t close to conceding it either. The party then entered the field of speculation: none of the teams wanted to risk too much, as if the draw was business for both, -for Ecuador, yes it was-, and there weren’t too many surprises.

The point, a priori, is of little use to Peru, which knew that a win put him a breath away from Qatar, but, given the context, it tastes much sweeter than bitter. Edison Flores rescued his team again, again against all odds, and continues to write his love story with the red-and-white woman, his house forever.

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