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Florenzi stays in Milan

Florenzi stays in Milan

The AC Milan They have been proclaimed champions of Serie A this season, signing a great campaign in which the Rossoneri team has once again shone with their own light, just as they did years ago. The Italian team is full of great players who have made this possible and, one of them, has given much to talk about the possible signing of him by other teams but, finally, he will stay in Milan.

It is, indeed, about Alessandro Florenzithe right side of the ACE Rome who has been on loan this year in Stefano Pioli’s box. The 31-year-old Italian footballer has been the subject of speculation on various teams’ wish lists, but Florenzi has always been clear that he wanted to stay at AC Milan. The Rossoneri, for their part, convinced of the quality of the Roman defender, will execute their purchase option which, according to Roman Fabriziocould be even less than the 4.5 million previously stipulated.

Florenzi fulfills his wish to stay in Milan

Alessandro Florenzi has been on loan to many teams for a long time. Since 2020, he has gone through three clubs including Milan and finally decided that he did not want to move from the San Siro squad. Florenzi has played 1,418 minutes this season and, despite not being an indisputable player, he feels valued and loved by the Rossoneri, who will purchase him, fulfilling the Italian veteran’s wish.

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