Florentino’s plan for his successor: Butragueño, Nadal and his core

Last Saturday 5 August He real Madrid, in a maneuver that is as surprising as it is unusual, issued an opinion in which they dispelled the rumors of some digital media They had gotten into the networks about the possible departure of Florentino Pérez the club presidency.

“Faced with a rumor that has surfaced on some social networks that President Florentino Pérez is allegedly considering giving up the presidency of the club, Real Madrid would like to express this.” “These rumors are completely false and obey interests that have nothing to do with reality,” the white company stated in its statement.

Absence on Real Madrid’s tour of the United States

A reaction that helps other relevant and significant events that have taken place over the past few weeks around the President of Real Madrid. First, his absence on the first-team tour of American countries, where the leader of the expedition was General Manager José Ángel Sánchez and the director of international scouting, June Calafat. Florentino had never missed the side’s international tours, nor was he there when they had already started, as was the case at Real Madrid 2018 in Australia. But this year in the United States, it was the first time that he was not part of the white expedition, no less a detail. And that’s why Real Madrid posted a video of Florentino welcoming the team to Valdebebas on Monday after returning from the United States, where he didn’t accompany them.

At the same time, a group of Real Madrid club presidents is gatheringinitiative, companies between the obligatory partners so that Valdebebas becomes the “Sports City of Florentino Pérez”. The initiative, which has garnered strong support from Madrid’s social masses, will be submitted to the next Real Madrid General Assembly for approval. Which is taken for granted if you follow the channels that mark the statutes, which indicate that the proposal must be approved by the Real Madrid delegates. A tribute to the work of a Florentino Pérez who has guided the club to sporting excellence and economic stability amidst a troubled football scene with the rise of state clubs and the arrival of billionaire tycoons.

The absence of Florentino in the United States and the very likely renaming of Valdebebas in his honor have fueled the discussion on social networks about his departure from the Real Madrid presidency, a rumor that he wanted to nip in the bud with this blunt statement from the club . But the reality is like this At 76, Pérez is already entering the final stages of his stage as the white leader once he has completed all the goals that was suggested lately at the white club.

The renovation of the Santiago Bernabeu, which will celebrate its reopening party on December 23, It will turn the white stadium into a financial lung for Real Madrid and triple the club’s ordinary revenues. which will bring much more stability and economic potential. In sport, Florentino has rejuvenated a squad of footballers who have established themselves around the world when they were little more than twenty years old: Vinicius, Rodrygo, Militao, Valverde, Camavinga, Brahim, Tchouameni…

Butragueño, Nadal, JAS, Calafat, Ferreras, Solari…

Organic, Florentino has only one task left: to form the club’s new management structure the day he decides to leave. The businessman’s idea has always been to keep a person in the presidency of representative rather than executive character. And there Emilio Butragueño is the most contrasting figure because of his football hierarchy at the club and the work he has been doing for years. The current Director of Institutional Relations at Real Madrid He’s the most recognizable face of the club a friendly face who, after completing his studies in the USA, speaks English as a matter of course. A person close to the “higher being,” as he himself described it at the time, to Florentino, who is at the top of the line of succession to the President.

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Pérez already has 20 years as president of the white club behind him, from July 18, 2000 to February 27, 2006 and from June 1, 2009 to the present in the second stage. While Santiago Bernabeu spent 35 years between September 15, 1943 and June 2, 1978, the day of his death, and the interim presidency was taken by Raimundo Saporta, and later Luis de Carlos took over the post.

Although Butragueño holds a privileged place in the club’s line of succession, Pérez’s dream is to become Real Madrid president Rafael Nadal Parera. The legendary Spanish tennis player is a self-confessed Real Madrid player, just like Fernando Alonso and he hasn’t even hidden it in public statements An idea that seduces you as soon as you hang up the bat and leave the tennis courts. Nadal is a universal figure and for Florentino “the best possible ambassador of Real Madrid and its values”. Rafa would definitely have a more honorary position, leaving the managerial position to other people who work at the club and will continue to do so when Florentino Pérez leaves the club.

Because The President’s intention is to keep everything under control and let his confidants continue to run the club. the people who form part of his working team in this successful period of Real Madrid, in which the Whites, with Pérez as president, have won 57 titles between the two sections, including six football and three basketball European Cups. So, Names like that of José Ángel Sánchez, Director General and Right Hand of the President, June Calafat, the man who worked for years to shape the first team and the future of the football department, or Santiago Solari, The director of Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas, who is gaining prominence in the club’s structure over the months, will continue to manage his areas if Florentino decides to resign. In the media field Florentino will continue to believe in that his right hand, the journalist Antonio García Ferreras, He was the club’s communications director, a position he later gave to his ‘mate’ Antonio Galeano.

To this group of leaders A number of new names are being added that the President has been working on incorporating for months to crown a governance structure This can protect the club from financial and sporting threats in the form of governments and billionaires destroying the market with petrodollars or taking over the most important clubs in England or France. It seems obvious that the day Florentino leaves Real Madrid, a day that is closer than far, his work team will be in charge and he will continue to make decisions in secret.

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