Florentino’s dilemma with Ancelotti’s possible replacement

Real Madrid are currently faced with a crucial dilemma: choosing their next coach for next season. In Valdebebas, discussions on this topic have revealed a complex network of variables that complicate the decision on the new sports project, which focuses in particular on the development of young talents.

The board discussions reflect this uncertainty, with clear differences of opinion between those involved Florentine Perez and a faction of the club leadership. While Pérez feels Zinédine Zidane could be a viable option if he doesn’t renew Carlo AncelottiPart of the board insists on hiring Xabi Alonso as the new coach of Real Madrid.

Everything in the air

This divergence reflects the complexity of the decision, with interests and visions for the club’s future differing within the board. The uncertainty over who will lead the team next season continues to cause debate and expectation among the Merengue club’s supporters.

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