Florentino Pérez’s ridiculous plan to throw the rotten apple out of Real Madrid

The desperation of the Merengue president to get rid of one of the worst signings in the history of the white team, has led him to take a measure that could cause a fiscal hole in his team’s finances.

Florentino Pérez has a lot of work to do after once again witnessing the elimination of Real Madrid in the Champions League. With the beating at the Etihad Stadium he understood that his team is not invincibleand less when they also lost Santander League. In this way, he understood that there are several positions to reinforce, few players to renew, and many to discard.

Among that batch of players who are on the exit ramp are some whose contract ends the next summer market. But also others that have a contractual obligation remaining until 2024. This is the case of one of the worst signings (if not that he is the worst) in the history of Real Madrid. We are talking about the Belgian Eden Hazard, who clings to the idea of ​​not leaving the white team until the day his contract ends.

Florentine Perez Real Madrid
Florentino will pay half of his remaining chip to Hazard, so that he leaves Real Madrid in July of this year, since his contract ends in 2024.

Florentino Pérez begs Hazard to leave Real Madrid

The white president is on the verge of a nervous breakdown when he learns that the Belgian attacker has one more season left, where he will receive the highest salary in the team. Approximately the former Chelsea will put 23 million euros in his pocket for doing nothing. A sum that makes anyone uneasy, especially knowing that they need a lot of money to sign several figures.

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What Florentino Pérez proposes is to pay half of Hazard’s salary, but with the commitment that he will leave Real Madrid in the next summer market. Of course they will not make money with him, since his price of 150 million euros is now 5. Also, no team in Europe wants the services of the left winger, having seen his deplorable performance at the merengue club.

Hazard intends to remain a vampire at Real Madrid and leaves Florentino Pérez pale

The treatment that the Madridista president has given the 32-year-old footballer on the table is a temptation that anyone would take, since he can go to another team with pockets full. However, the Belgian’s plan is different, since no club will pay him the other 11 million euros. In this way, his decision to the white president’s proposal will be rejected.

Eden Hazard has already considered ending his contract at Real Madrid, collecting the 22 kilos of his token, regardless of whether he plays or not. For him it will be better to spend him on the bench, since after he leaves the Madridista club he has 2 options. Going to soccer in the Middle East where they don’t ask for a level to play. Or hang up the booties once and for all.

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