Florentino Pérez: “It has been unfair to Chus Mateo”

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, celebrated that the basketball team once again did “normal things that seem impossibleby conquering the Euroleague this Sunday and showed his joy for coach Chus Mateo, “already a great coach” and with which he considers that “it has been unfair”.

First of all, thanks to all the madridistas and the coach and the team because they do things that seem impossible, but which are normal because it has been seen in the last seven games that it is a way of winning that we are used to, but with the that you suffer a lot”, Pérez was sincere in the microphone of DAZN. The leader believes that they havedeserved“The victory because once again they have believed it”until the end” and stressed this is “possible due to the illusion and communion that exists between all the players, the coach and the fans”.

What happens is that the players have so much faith in moving this forward that until the last second or until the last three seconds they have fought for it and they deserve it. But when it’s done so many times it’s no coincidence”, added the businessman. Also, he did not forget about Chus Mateo. “I’m happy for him because I think he’s had a difficult year and I think it’s been unfair and today we’re giving him the recognition of a great coach because from now on he’s already a great coach, no one has any doubts”, he sentenced.

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