Florentino Pérez has had enough of Raúl and finds a replacement for Castilla

Real Madrid begins Raúl González is fed up with his time at the helm of Madrid’s second team. The mythical 7 does not achieve its goals. Promotion to the second division is very complicated and is considered stagnant. Not just because of the poor results. But because the team doesn’t convey good feelings in the game. Furthermore, there are currently no children who have the potential to break into the first team.

Therefore, The main target in all of this is Raúl. Real Madrid Castilla are far from the positions that offer the opportunity to play for promotion. In addition, it is advisable that the madridistas do not get lost. Because they are closer to promotion than to descent. The future of the former White captain looks complicated. As a coach, there is no sign of any progress with him. There are no great offers either.

Raul Real Madrid
Raúl is getting tired of managing Real Madrid’s reserve team

Raúl is a problem for Real Madrid

Currently, the Madrid company assumes that Raúl will act as a stopper for other coaches who can advance within the white youth team. The technician He has gone from being one of the first team’s future prospects to being a painter of a bleak future. On the other hand, Real Madrid are aware that he is one of their greatest legends. Therefore, it cannot be rushed.

Because the image of the club that would be transferred would cause great damage to the company. When both parties end badly. Therefore, Florentino finds himself at something of a crossroads. It’s been a long time since the second team played in the second division. You haven’t exactly found the key to a successful project. No player makes it into the first team. During the relegation game, the situation comes to a head and the club loses a future option on the white bench.

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Arbeloa is ready to take the plunge

On the other hand, the replacement for the eternal 7 has a first and last name. Another legend of the club. Alvaro Arbeloa. The former Real Madrid full-back is doing a great job with the young Merengue team. He plays good football and gets results. Florentino will serve as Xabi Alonso’s deputy in the future before making the leap to the professional level as head coach. The manager would love to become a coach at La Fábrica.

With Arbeloa, the intention is clear. Of course, Castilla needs to get back to playing in the silver category of Spanish football as soon as possible. He needs to become an exporter of talent for the first team again. It is believed that there is a big difference between the level of the reserve team and that of the first team. Many players develop their careers outside the white club without reaching the first level, and that should change.

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