Home Sports Florentino Pérez demands 200 million euros from Al Nassr for Vinicius Jr

Florentino Pérez demands 200 million euros from Al Nassr for Vinicius Jr

Vinicius Jr. is once again one of LaLiga’s standout players, but his future could be via Saudi Arabia with Florentino Pérez ready to transfer him for a record fee

Florentino Pérez is closer than ever to completing his latest galactic commitment. Kylian Mbappé has already decided to leave PSG The end of this season and the white team would be his fate. The commitment will change current football and one of the first consequences could be Vinicius Jr.’s departure for Saudi Arabia. And the Brazilian would pay for the French footballer’s multi-million dollar operation.

The fact that he shares the position on the left wing has a negative impact on the Brazilian, who would be the biggest loser. Additionally, the very high price of Florentino Pérez It would make it impossible for Vinicius Jr. to sign for a European club. That’s why the fate of the current white 7 could go to Saudi Arabia.

Vinicius Arabia
Florentino Pérez is ready to sacrifice Vinicius Jr. to integrate Mbappé

Florentino Pérez is ready to sell Vinicius Jr. to Saudi Arabia

Another crucial factor that needs to be taken into account is Vinicius Jr.’s behavior. Despite being an exceptional footballer, the Brazilian has been in the headlines more often for non-sporting controversies than sporting ones. Florentino Pérez does not like this situation at all, he is a loyal supporter of the values ​​represented by Real Madrid.

This accumulation of situations has caused Florentino Pérez is ready to sell Vinicius Jr. Of course he won’t give up the Brazilian. And the white president estimated it at 200 million euros. A price that would not be a problem for Saudi Arabia, who are willing to pay the amount necessary to sign one of the best players of the moment.

The second most expensive new signing after Neymar

yes, finally Vinicius Jr. eventually leaves the club for an amount close to 200 million euros, will be the second most expensive signing in football history. Only the 222 million that PSG paid FC Barcelona for Neymar would exceed this. A commitment that could not be exceeded at the moment. But Saudi petrodollars want to change that.

Among the Brazilian’s possible destinations in the Saudi league, Al Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo’s current team, stands out. Vinicius Jr., a great admirer of the Portuguese, could meet one of his great football idols in Arabia. Be that as it may, it will be a really complicated operation. But Florentino Pérez is willing to sacrifice one of the Bernabéu idols to acquire Mbappé.

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