Florentino Pérez accuses UEFA of raising the price for Real Madrid transfers

Once again the top Madridista leader has attacked the body in charge of European football, giving several Premier League teams as an example, such as the darlings of Aleksander Ceferin.

Despite the fact that Real Madrid is the current world champion, Florentino Pérez is outraged with UEFA in relation to his signings. He top leader of the Madridista painting He does not understand why the financial Fair Play system works in one way in England but very differently in Spain. Of course pointing out a clear disadvantage for LaLiga.

To give strength to his arguments, the president of Real Madrid gives Chelsea as an example, where said team spent around 320 million euros on winter transfers. Almost 50% of the total investment made by the entire Premier League (640 kilos). If the same thing had happened in the Spanish league with the merengue club, the sanctions by UEFA would already be in process.

The president of the merengue club gives Chelsea an example, in which UEFA has preferences with the Premier League over LaLiga Santander.

Florentino Pérez thinks he knows why UEFA allows the Premier to make these stratospheric signings

From Chamartín’s offices they already have a clue as to why the highest football entity in Europe, headed by Aleksander Ceferin, allows the English league to make such exaggerated outlays of money. Florentino believes that this issue is directly related to his Super League project. Moreover, the leader has some key evidence.

The main teams that support the creation of this new competition are of course Real Madrid, followed by Barcelona and Juventus. Besides, the clubs that were in favor but were later the first to withdraw from the project were precisely those of the Premier League. Hence, UEFA is thanking them or returning the favor.

If Chelsea spent 320 million euros on winter transfers, how much will Florentino Pérez be able to spend in the next market?

Just the signing of Enzo Fernández had a cost of 120 million euros when the midfielder had a base price of 55. This makes the white team think How much can Jude Bellingham’s, Erling Haaland’s or in the best of cases, Kylian Mbappé’s cost? Most likely, with the signing of the French striker, Florentino will reach his Fair Play limit.

It is not a secret that this whole situation with the signings both in LaLiga Santander and in the Premier League have the president of Real Madrid very tense and worried. He also believes that Javier Tebas, (president of LaLiga) is conspiring with UEFA to put maximum pressure on the merengue team, in withdrawing from his project, the Super League.

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