Florentino has a new mood for Real Madrid in Argentina

The Merengue Club continues to receive reports about the new stars from South America

Florentino Pérez is closely following some of the new talent that are emerging in Latin American football, with Brazil and Argentina being the favorite markets for the Real Madrid president. And there is a wealth of good talent in both countries, which means many clubs in Europe are focusing on their performance.

Let’s remember this June Calafat is Florentino Pérez’s special envoy so he can win the new stars for Real Madrid. The Whites boss’s scout is in constant motion and after taking out several gems like Rodrygo, Vinicius and even Bellingham, he has a new goal.

Florentino Pérez is preparing new signings at Real Madrid
The president of Real Madrid is looking for one of the new stars in South America

Florentino Pérez is closely following one of the new jewels of Argentine football: he will seek his arrival at Real Madrid as soon as possible

In this way, it was established that the meringues would correspond to one of the new promises of Argentine football. This is one of the names that have been in the spotlight in recent days at the U-17 World Cup, where the Albiceleste defeated Brazil. We are talking about Claudio Echeverri, the “Little Devil”.

In this order of ideas, Florentino Pérez wants Argentina’s new talent to move to Real Madrid as soon as possible. His hat-trick against Brazil has not gone unnoticed, as has all the quality he has shown throughout his career. In the local environment there are people who even call him the future heir to Leo Messi.

Claudio Echeverri is the footballer who attracts the attention of spectators at the Santiago Bernabéu

He plays in the lower categories of River Plate and his contract ends on December 31, 2024, so he has many interested parties in his signing. At 17 years old, he is already shining and could be one of the stars of the future due to his great fitness. Therefore, a project that chooses the jewels of South America would be the best destination for “Diablito” Echeverri.

Then we have to wait and see what will happen with this movement. For now, Florentino Pérez has asked Juni Calafat not to lose sight of the attacking midfielder, as it can be a key operation for Real Madrid. Expectations are high because the player will continue his path at the World Cup, where he will be the commander of Argentina in the semi-finals of the competition.

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