Floods wreak havoc in Philippines: 375 killed, millions forced to flee

MANILA: Typhoon Rae devastated the Philippines, killing at least 375 people and leaving 56 missing.

According to foreign media, the wind started blowing at a speed of 195 km per hour with Typhoon Rai in the Philippines, then things started falling off the ground and destruction and devastation started spreading everywhere.

The typhoon hit the country’s southeastern island, forcing 400,000 people to flee to save their lives.

At least 375 people have been killed and more than 500 injured in the storm, while 56 people are still missing.

Rescue agencies and government officials say it is still difficult to assess the damage caused by the storm, as communication with the affected areas has been cut off.

Rescue agencies fear that more lives could be lost in the floods and landslides.

Richard Gordon, an official with the Philippine Red Cross, told foreign media that in many areas there was no electricity or running water and no means of communication. Is.


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