Floods of scorpions after heavy rains in Egypt

Hundreds of scorpions boiled in residential areas after heavy rains in Egypt, more than 500 people were injured by poisonous insect bites.

According to foreign media, heavy rains have disrupted life in residential areas along the Nile River in Egypt. Came.

Citizens are terrified of the large number of scorpions in residential areas as more than 500 citizens have been bitten by scorpions so far.

As soon as reports of scorpion bites were received, an emergency was declared in the hospitals while a large number of scorpion venom antimony was also delivered to the medical centers.

Due to the large number of scorpions in the population, the city administration has instructed the citizens to stay indoors.

It is believed that thick-tailed scorpions are common in Egypt whose venom is extremely dangerous. Scorpion bites cause symptoms such as severe burning, pain, dizziness and difficulty in breathing and not getting timely medical help. But death can happen.


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