Floods in Libya: Local authorities estimate 20,000 deaths

The death toll in Libyan city of Derna (this) because of theDevastating floods were recorded on Monday Storm “Daniel” The number could rise to 20,000, according to the city’s mayor, Abdulmenam al Gaizi, as searches continue for thousands of people missing after being swept away by the water.

Al Gaizi has stated that these calculations assume enormous proportions Damage was recorded in several districts of Dernawhich has suffered from practice Destruction of 25 percent of the citybefore emphasizing that the disruption of communications complicates search and rescue tasks.

Likewise, in statements to Al Arabiya television, he said that the city’s dam, which burst due to water pressure shortly after another dam upstream collapsed, It had not been maintained since 2008 due to the political crisis in the African country.

The country is divided into two governments after the House of Representatives ended the mandate of Unity Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibé due to the postponement of the December 2021 presidential elections and appointed Fazi Bashaga to the post – who was later suspended from office and replaced by Osama Hamad replaced – a decision that dealt a major blow to efforts to end the conflict and instability that has rocked Libya since the capture and execution of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Floods in Libya

Search and rescue work continues in the city and other affected locations in eastern Libya. where around 34,000 people were displaced due to floods, According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), there are 30,000, including 30,000 in Derna.

Until now, Authorities in the east of the country put the death toll at at least 5,200. although sources from the Libyan unity government based in the capital Tripoli have increased the death toll to 6,000.

In this sense, the Minister of Civil Aviation of the Eastern Authorities, Hichem Chiuat, stated on Wednesday that The waters off the coast of Derna “continually bring with them dozens of corpses” of people swept into the Mediterranean by the sudden flood.

Storm “Daniel” has hit the east of the country, which has been split into two parallel governments since the start of 2022 due to a severe political crisis, after wreaking havoc last week in Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey, where nearly thirty deaths were confirmed.

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