Floods in earthquake affected areas of Turkey, many people died

Earthquake-affected Turkey is now suffering from flood disasters, 10 people lost their lives due to heavy rains.

According to the details, after the terrible earthquake that occurred in Turkey last month, the floods have caused destruction, 10 people have died due to the floods in Sanli-Arfa and Adiaman.

A foreign news agency According to the report Torrential rains have caused further destruction in the earthquake-affected areas of Turkey, the government department’s ongoing report said that in Tut district, where 136 mm per square meter of rain fell in the last 24 hours, the flood resulted in a The citizen lost his life while the search and rescue efforts of 3 missing citizens are going on.

During the last 24 hours, 111 mm of rain fell in Shanli Arfa. 9 people have lost their lives due to the flood, it is reported that the search for 2 missing people is going on, while the rescue volunteers are also taking people to safe places.

General view shows a flooded street in Sanliurfa

In an interview with a TV station, the Governor of Senliurfa province of Turkey, Saleh Ihan, said that several people have been killed by the flood, and two firefighters are also reported to be missing.

Governor Saleh Ihan said that many people have been evacuated from the flooded camp where the earthquake victims were sheltering in tents.

Governor Saleh Ihan further said that a hospital has also been flooded due to flood, and the patients have been evacuated from there.

Media reports indicated that the dead included 5 Syrian citizens who were living in a flat in the basement of the apartment building. Due to heavy rain, educational activities have been suspended in all schools across the province.

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