Floods in afghanistan: 31 killed, hundreds missing due to heavy rains and floods in Afghanistan

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  • Heavy rains and floods wreak havoc in Afghanistan
  • About 31 people died, hundreds of people missing
  • Heavy rain forecast even further, life disrupted

Floods in Afghanistan: At least 31 people have died and dozens are missing in floods triggered by heavy rains in northern Afghanistan. The Taliban’s official news agency gave this information on Monday. According to the ‘Bakhtar’ news agency, the floods hit North Parwan province on Sunday. Women and children were also among the dead and 17 people were reported to be injured. The report said at least 100 people went missing on Monday. Search and rescue operation is on. Dozens of houses were washed away in the floods in three affected districts of Parwan province. According to the local meteorological department, more rain is expected in 34 other provinces of Afghanistan in the coming days.

messed up people’s lives

Significantly, due to heavy rains and floods across the country, 40 and 19 people died in July and June respectively. Afghanistan is also currently facing economic problems due to a variety of international sanctions under the Taliban regime. This makes it more difficult to help people after disasters. At this time due to heavy rains in India and neighboring countries due to monsoon, floods have been seen in many areas. Hundreds of people have lost their lives due to the recent floods in Pakistan.

people had to eat

The condition of Afghanistan is as bad as before and now due to heavy rains and floods, people’s lives have become more difficult. People have to eat. After the Taliban rule, the condition of the people here has gone from bad to worse. Afghanistan has fundamentally changed completely. It has been a year since the Taliban captured Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. A lot has changed in Afghanistan in a year.

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