Floods after the earthquake in Turkey, 5 people died, many are missing

After the earthquake in Turkey, heavy rains and floods caused havoc, 5 people died and many went missing.

Heavy rains and flooding caused havoc in Turkey’s earthquake-affected areas of Adyaman and Sanli-Arafa, where 5 people died in various accidents and many went missing.

According to Turkish media, the search for the missing persons is ongoing. A flood situation has arisen due to the overflow of water in the Agrike river, the flood water has also swept away a container planted in a garden in Tut district, local officials say that search teams have been dispatched to the scene.

According to the authorities, efforts are being made to reach other people as well, we hope to reach them as soon as possible. This is a disaster.

Due to the flood, the communication of various areas was also cut off, police, gendarmerie and municipal teams are evacuating the flood affected areas.

It should be noted that Adiyaman was also affected by the February earthquake, which shook most of Turkey and killed more than 48,000 people.

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