Flight delays and cancellations in the US due to Southwest airline technical problem

Almost 2,500 flights in the USA have suffered delays and dozens have been canceled due to a technical problem with the Southwest airline.

The country’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported on its Twitter account that Southwest had requested a "pause" at the departures of their flights, which lasted about twenty minutes, due to a problem "internal technician", although shortly after they resumed again. Despite the fact that the interruption did not reach half an hour, it has affected flights throughout the country. According to the FlightAware website, so far there are 2,451 flight delays withinto and from the US, while the cancellations amount to 70. Southwest noted in several response tweets to users that it was experiencing "technical errors" unexpected, which has created "a domino effect" in its operations, and asked the affected passengers for patience. The airline suffered a collapse at the end of 2022 due to problems in its personnel management system, when it was forced to cancel more than 16,000 flights between December 20 and 29. Last month, he announced a plan to avoid a similar situation. Last January, thousands of flights were delayed or canceled in the United States due to a failure in the FAA’s notification system, which unleashed chaos at several airports. On that occasion, the country’s authorities prohibited the departures of all domestic flights for the first time since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

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