Flight crew in turbulence force passengers to delete photos from their phones

The crew of a Lufthansa flight that had to make an emergency landing after experiencing “severe turbulence” ordered passengers to delete all photos and videos they had of the incident.

Rolanda Schmidt, one of the seven people injured on board the flight, said initiated that the plane suffered severe turbulence, sending food and personal belongings flying all over the cabin.

Schmidt hit his head on the plastic tray on the seat in front of him during the first major accident. Once the plane stabilized and began to climb rapidly, he said he was thrown out of his seat and hit his head on the roof of the aircraft again.

“I felt like I hit the eye of a tornado”said Schmidt. “It didn’t stop. I thought we were falling.”

Schmidt claimed that as the plane descended toward Dulles International Airport to make an emergency landing, a stewardess ordered herself through the public address system “delete all your photos and videos”.

About five minutes later, Schmidt said the same flight attendant made a second announcement with the same instructions. This time, however, the flight attendant implied that it was to protect the privacy of other passengers.

Another passenger on the flight confirmed that flight crew had asked passengers to delete all of their photos.

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