Home World Flight crew forces sick child’s family to disembark

Flight crew forces sick child’s family to disembark

Flight crew forces sick child's family to disembark

An American family was stranded for a month after going on vacation when their autistic son was taken off a plane due to ill health.

Jamie Green, a resident of New Jersey, USA, went on a holiday with her husband and three children to the Netherlands-dominated country of Aruba.

When the family returned after spending a week there, their 15-year-old son started crying and running while sitting on the plane. The child had a neurological disorder called autism.

The parents put him on the third plane but the child refused to sit on the seat and his flight intensified, after which the crew asked the family to get off the plane.

The family was forced to return, after which they requested medical help from a ship to reach home, but failed.

The woman’s husband returned to New Jersey with his two children so that their children’s education would not be affected. Meanwhile, the woman appealed for help on Facebook.

At his request, a charity arranged for him to be flown to Florida by another ship, which later took him from Florida to his home in New Jersey.

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