Flamenco is not going for Espanyol either

animate the Spanish to their subscribers, in exchange for returning half of what they paid, to look for new partners. It will be better for them, if they want to achieve it, that the potential new followers do not walk too much around the friendly against Mechelenthe second and last before the nougat, the moment of truth, the Cup in a single match against the athletic stepnext Tuesday, and a whole derby against Barcelonaon New Year’s Eve, with which the League will resume. Not even against the flamenco rival was Espanyol able to bring joy to their fansand that he had it in the palm of his hand.

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Based on the fact that it was a friendly, that surely alternatives were being sought to the everlasting search for Joselutwo irrefutable needs were verified before the 13th in the Jupiler Pro League Belgian. On one hand, the Espanyol’s dependence on a Darder that he is not only the most creative footballer of the parakeet team, but that he is everything in the elaboration. Having overcome his viral process, he was called up, but started from the bench. And, on the other, the urgency to sign wingers (plural)because without the captain there is a lack of clarity in positional play, from the outside he must take advantage of resources and born finishers, as was seen even when he went from set pieces at 1-0.

He was precisely a player who combines creativity and goals at Mechelen, Schoofs, the first to alert the controversial Lecomte, with a shot to the crossbar, after ten minutes. But not the only one. sent shortly after Storm, one of those extremes that Espanyol needs so badly, a shot to the side of the net. And the seams were seen on the parakeet goalkeeper in a double chance for Bijker and Mrabti which he barely refused.

Espanyol’s little nerve in response was brought out by one of the few starters at the Pinatar Arena who a priori would not be in the League. Nico Melamed tried to unblock his people getting inside from the band, first with a clear shot that a defender sent for a corner, then slipping into the area in an action that could have been Lavalee penaltyand that ended with a Keidi Bare shot into the hands of Coucke.

Melamed asked for a penalty.


Melamed asked for a penalty.Easter Mendez

The rest suited those of diego martinez, who went on to dominate at the restart, and soon translate it into a goal. In an isolated action, yes, a lateral free kick that Lazo crossed wonderfully to the near post for Cabrera to head the 1-0.

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There was more than half an hour left, but the Mechelen faded. As had happened in the previous friendly, with Torino, the former international revolutionized Steven Defour, now a coach, to his team, making use of a bunch of young players. And in Espanyol, on the other hand, Darder and Braithwaite enteredwho missed a great assist from Joselu, one-on-one against Coucke, with 20 minutes to go.

The Espanyol players celebrate Cabrera's goal.


The Espanyol players celebrate Cabrera’s goal.Easter Mendez

He also touched the goal foundling, in a rehearsed action that started from a corner kick, and which led to another header by Joselu at the far post. The Mechelen counted with the replica of Amuzuwhich started from a right-handed band defended by omarwhich moved to Oscar Gil left. Outside of his most usual demarcation, he also acted Calero, midfielder during the half hour that he was able to play. Tests that followed one another in the final stretch, with a 4-4-2 ephemeral that sent Braithwaite to the band, umpteenth evidence of that lack of extremes.

And even so, he could not bear the result, as if it were just another league game. he had warned Soelle with a shot that hit the outside of the net, and it was the same player who in the last minute of added time took advantage of a trademark defensive mismatch to forcing Joan García to commit a penalty that was converted by the Israeli Malede. Flamenco is not going well for this Espanyol determined not to concede even the slightest bit of happiness.

Darder entered the final half hour.


Darder entered the final half hour.Easter Mendez

Data sheet

Spanish – 1: Lecomte; Oscar Gil, Calero, Cabrera, Brian; Vini Souza, Bare; Vidal, Exposito, Melamed; Joselu. They also played: Joan García, Sergi Gómez, Lazo, Simo, Darder, Omar, Braithwaite, Puado, Dani Gómez, Rubén Martínez.

Mechelen – 1: Coucke; Walsh, Lavalee, Bates, Bijker; Schoofs, Verstraete; Hairemans, Da Cruz, Storm; Mrabti. Also played: Malede, Soelle, Amuzu, Robberechts, Asare, Bafdili, Rottiers, Antionio, Van Hecke, Mukau, Thoelen.

goals: 1-0 (58 ‘): Cabrera. 1-1 (93 ‘+): Malede.

Referee: Martinez Montalban, Murcia. He admonished Verstraete (54 ′), Asare (74 ′).

Stadium: Pinatar Arena.

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