Five million ‘angry’ bees escape when the load on the truck they were traveling in Canada falls off

Halton Regional Police in Canada has issued an alert following an indictment five million bees “Furiosas” fell from a truck in 2010 Burlington, in Ontario. A picture provided by local police shows several boxes of beehives strewn along the roadside after the incident, alerting local people.

Agents are warning passing vehicles to close their windows and pedestrians to avoid the area until the bees are exterminated. “There were literally boxes on the street and Swarms of bees flew aboutAgent Ryan Anderson told CBC News, “The first beekeeper on site appears to have been stung multiple times.”

Speaking to Global News, the driver claimed he distracted his truck when an object appeared on the road. He also said the bees are taking an “orientation direction” to find out where they are since they have lost sight of home.

Many bees have returned to their hives, however others are still at large and are expected to return to their hives. Appeals from the police mobilized dozens of beekeepers from the area who came to help.

“It was pretty funny because none of the cops or first responders got out of their vehicles, so all these beekeepers were walking around in special suits and everyone else was keeping a safe distance,” a man named Barber, the owner, told the New York Times. by a company that moves entire swarms of houses

Authorities believe the bees may have been part of a pollination program in which farmers hire beekeepers to help pollinate their crops. According to the Canadian Honey Council, a summer hive has between 50,000 and 80,000 bees.

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