Five far-right militiamen are arrested for their participation in the assault on the US Capitol on January 6

The FBI has arrested five members of a far-right militia known as ‘B Squad’ for their alleged participation during the riots that occurred in the assault on the Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021

Those arrested are Brian Preller, John Edward Crowley, Jonathan Alan Rockholt, Tyler Quintin Bensch and Benjamin Cole. All of them have already been charged with various crimes, including serious civil disorder.

All of them have declared under oath before the FBI that they are part of an armed group known as ‘B Squad’, which in turn is related to the Three Percenters paramilitaries, much larger and of which there is evidence that it participated during the assault on the Capitol.

According to the statement they offered, the name ‘B Squad’ refers to the "alternative"to the "plan B"who claim to be able to launch this type of heavily armed militia if the result of the elections is not as expected.

The leader of the group is known as ‘Leader B’, who has not yet been arrested. As the NBC network has learned, the real identity of Jeremy Liggett, a Florida citizen who ran for the Republican primaries for the House of Representatives, as published on his social networks.

According to the Department of Justice, Liggett was not only in Washington on January 6 when some 2,500 people stormed the Capitol to violently protest Donald Trump’s electoral defeat, but also organized the trip of up to forty cronies, including the five arrested.

More than 850 suspects who have been arrested for their participation in that sedition. So far, more than 350 people have pleaded guilty. The main accusation that prosecutors have presented is that of illegally entering a restricted place, about 640; while the rest of the most recurrent charges are for assault or resistance to authority.

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