Five Dominican figures who changed their lives by becoming new mothers

Yailín la Más Viral, Marta González, Amara La Negra, Tueska and Natti Natasha are five of the many Dominicans who have become new mothers in recent times, feeling true love with the birth of their children.

For them, being a mother for the first time represents an incomparable and unrepeatable moment in their lives, in addition to the 180-degree turn they experience in their day-to-day life, since the well-being of another person depends on their actions.

They go from being independent people to being tied in a kind of eternal emotional umbilical cord.


For her part, Amara La Negra was a first-time mother twice.

On March 23, 2022, the singer welcomed her twins Her Highness Royalty and Her Highness Empress, names that caused controversy among her followers, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the artist’s decision.

Given this, Amara defended herself tooth and nail, making it clear that: “She diddge! I do live my life as I want, my love, and my daughters are mine, but thank you for your opinions.

Regarding motherhood, Amara explained that she always dreamed of becoming a mother and describes it as the best stage of her life.

Before announcing her pregnancy at the end of 2021, Amara revealed that she had suffered a loss, although in November 2022 she explained in an interview in “Oh Magazine”, from Listín Diario, that she was expecting triplets and one of the creatures was the one that died.

Yailín has been cautious in showing Cattleya.

Yailín has been cautious in showing Cattleya.


In her public life she is one of the most media, but as a mother Yailin the most Viral has jealously guarded the image of her daughter Cattleya by refusing to show her full face on social networks since her still-husband Anuel AA announced last Sunday March 12, the birth of the creature.

During his visit to the World Baseball Classic, Anuel AA confirmed that his daughter had been born and that he planned to wear a shirt that represents the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico for the matches between the two countries.

“Maybe I’ll send half of the DR and half of Puerto Rico to customize, even though I’m Puerto Rican, yes, because I already have a Dominican daughter who was just born,” said Anuel. “I already feel domi already too,” she added.

Just as reserved was the singer in her first months of pregnancy, which she announced along with the sex of the baby through Instagram, on November 21, 2022.

Marta González and her daughter Sienna outside Baptist Health South Florida.

Marta González and her daughter Sienna outside Baptist Health South Florida.


The actress Marta González experienced a birth that no mother expects, especially if it is the first: Premature, which occurs when the baby is born before 37 weeks. In her case it was caused by severe preeclampsia.

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The interpreter of films such as “The Fanatic”, starring John Travolta, “Flow Calle” and “El APP” told Listín Diario that her daughter Sienna Lluberes González was born at only 34 weeks and although both were in intensive care, she thanked God for the miracles of “having our baby with us today and that both she and I are already at home out of danger.”

“It was a surprising and unexpected delivery. I went out for a routine medical appointment and they found my blood pressure extremely high at 180/100. Very dangerous for both me and the creature. I was alone in Miami, the whole family was in the Dominican Republic,” Gonzales told this outlet.

And he added: “In the hospital they tried to lower my blood pressure with 2 different medications on 4 occasions and when they could not achieve it, my obstetrician-gynecologist together with the medical team made the decision to give me an induction that same night. I have a group of friends who are worth gold and they took control of the situation as soon as the family arrived”.

The singer Tueska gave birth to her first daughter, María José, who was born on February 18, 2022.

The singer Tueska gave birth to her first daughter, María José, who was born on February 18, 2022.


It was last Friday, February 18, that the singer and communicator Tueska and her partner, the engineer José Miguel Florencio, welcomed their eldest daughter María José Florencio Tuesca.

The merenguera shared two photos showing the new member of her family.

“Everything I imagined was not even close, what we feel surpasses everything. I’m mom! I’m mom! I’m a mom!” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Natti Natasha just celebrated the two years of Vida Isabelle.

Natti Natasha just celebrated the two years of Vida Isabelle.


Natti Natasha, who celebrated the two years of her daughter Vida Isabelle on May 22, considers the little girl as God’s answer to her prayers, since she had undergone treatments to conceive after removing her fallopian tube, for what that the doctors ruled out her chances of giving life until the injections did not work and she was willing to adopt, she revealed her tummy on the stage of Premio Lo Nuestro 2021 during her participation with Prince Royce, on February 18 of that same year.

“When I am giving her milk, when she is at the breast or in my arms and she looks at me, that moment is everything. It’s all worth it,” she said excitedly to People en Español magazine.

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