Fitbit Charge 5: the smart bracelet that can dethrone the XIaomi Mi Band 6

Fitbit will be ready to reveal its next smart accessory dedicated to monitoring sports. More specifically, the sports smartband Fitbit Charge 5, a promising rival to the current leader Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

The information and images that illustrate this piece were disseminated by filter Evan Blass, responsible for the Twitter profile @evleaks, a proliferating source of information leaks. Then we can see the main pictures or renders of the bracelet.

Here is the general look of the Fitbit Charge 5 smart bracelet

Fitbit 5 charging

– Evan (@evleaks) August 14, 2021

Unfortunately, we have no information about the technical characteristics of the next product of this famous manufacturer. Fitbit is a reference brand in the gagets and sports products market, with Charge 5 being its next expected launch.

However, as this product is a charging line device, we can signal the presence of GPS location. To this is added the oximetry sensor (Sp02), among other sensors such as skin temperature, heart rate, calories, among others.

It will have at least the range of sensors present in the current model – Fitbit Charge 4 from € 129.00 on Amazon.ES – and possibly some of the features previously reserved for the range cousin, the Fitbit Sense – from € 278.99 on Amazon.ES.

The premium alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 smartband

Taking into account the images recently published on the internet, we see that not only does the screen appear to be a bit larger on the Fitbit Charge 5, but we also have two large ones. pads Sides: areas sensitive to touch.

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Note that these areas appear to be constructed of a different metal than the other smartband case. This leads us to make several hypotheses, regarding this choice of materials and design, these portions could be destined for the ECG.

On the other hand, the sidebars can simply be new control zones for the Fitbit Charge 5 to facilitate navigation through its interface based on bad beer. In short, at the moment we do not have enough information to make a statement.

However, we see the Fitbit Charge 5 bracelet in three main color schemes. Consumers can choose between black, light blue and beige, with the metal case in matching tones.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6
Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is available for € 46.95 on Amazon.ES

Finally, the leaks suggest that the presentation of this alternative to Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will take place on October 23. However, we have more details about the Fitbit Charge 5 coming to the internet.

It should also be noted that the next Fitbit smartband should present a considerably higher price than the Mi Band 6. They are, however, products aimed at different audiences, the Fitbit being more specific and the Mi Band 6 more generalized.

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