Fitbit Charge 5: a promotional video showcases its features and pricing

Fitbit Charge 5 has not yet been announced, but leaked a promotional video detailing many of its features as well as its price.

According to the video, three of the most prominent features are its Integrated GPS for a precise location, an application of electrocardiogram (ECG) which will be available to users in ‘select countries’ and the Electrodermal Activity Sensor (EDA) for the stress management.

Unsurprisingly, the Fitbit Charge 5 is clearly aimed at users who want to keep an eye on their health and physical activity.

Along with the Fitbit Premium service, Fitbit Charge 5 will offer a daily score that is calculated taking into account data such as hours of sleep and heart rate measurements. You can then suggest a suitable training or rest session as it has 20 exercise modes and automatic activity tracking.

The tracker is Water resistant to 50 meters and can offer seven days of battery life, although continuous use of GPS reduces this duration to up to five hours.

As seen in other related leaks, its color screen is also a significant improvement over its predecessor. The release date may be the one that appears on your screen, which is October 23rd.

As for the price of Fitbit Charge 5, the leak indicates that it will be 179 dollars, A value that’s not small for an activity wristband, but includes a 6-month Premium subscription and access to the health metrics dashboard that shows data on vital aspects such as SpO2 (oxygen saturation) and heart rate variability (HRV) levels ).

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